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Ferrari's, the oldest coffee roasting company in Wales. We supply coffee, our own tea products and ancillary items and are one of the largest suppliers  for coffee machines in the UK. - Go To Our Home Page (0)1656 840020
1kg Frappe Mix

1kg Frappe Mix
1kg Frappe Mix
Kool Kup neutral cold drink thickener mix (unflavoured)
1kg foil bag
Supplied with a scoop and full instructions on pack.
to Flavour the frappe - you can use 1883 syrups or sauces/chilled espresso or tea/fruit.

Use with 1883 Maison Routin syrups for outstanding results!
As 1883 is higher concentrate it means you add less than other syrups - the flavour is better and the sweetness lower.

*For coffee frappes add real espresso or for tea frappes add real tea*
Price £11.95
£0.00 (VAT@0%)
Gross £11.95

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