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Ferrari's, the oldest coffee roasting company in Wales. We supply coffee, our own tea products and ancillary items and are one of the largest suppliers  for coffee machines in the UK. - Go To Our Home Page (0)1656 840020
About us

In 1912, ten year old Vittorio Ferrari emigrated with his family from the Italian province of Piacenza to South Wales.

Within a very short time, his family had opened three Cafés and a small bakery which developed into one of the largest bakeries in Wales which ran for over fifty years before being sold during the 1990’s.

In the 1960’s Anna Ferrari and her husband toured Italy compiling Coffee recipes and styles from the various regions before finally returning to South Wales to showcase a coffee roaster in the window of one of the Cafes. The purpose was simply to show how coffee was roasted and the response from local customers was fantastic. The business expanded and now under the supervision of their son Giancarlo is supplying coffee to clients nationwide.

Vittorio Ferrari emigrated from the Provence Piacenza in Italy to South Wales at the age of ten in 1912. Later he and his family opened three restaurants and a bakery, these became well known nationally for good service and a friendly atmosphere.

In 1960 Anna Ferrari, the youngest daughter of Vittorio purchased a small 2 kilo roaster, and with her husband, toured Italy collecting formulas and ideas to bring back to South Wales.

The Company now also produces and supplies fine Teas including their famous Fairy Glen brand.
Vittorio Ferrari

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